Welcome to the Embarcadero Academy!

On behalf of all the instructors at Embarcadero Academy we hope you enjoy advancing your programming skills with a wide variety of courses and instructors. The Embarcadero Academy offers self paced and live courses directly from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced developers in the industry.

We do not discriminate among programming languages, tools, and frameworks, however initially you'll find courses in the Embarcadero Academy that primarily focus on languages and skills centered around Embarcadero products such as RADStudio, Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, and Sencha. And while most of our content is Delphi and C++ oriented, as time goes on you'll be finding more and more courses and lectures on a wide variety of programming skills and languages.

Courses are sold individually, although often you'll often find bundles offered that combine multiple like subject matter courses into a single course bundle.

Courses are centered around streaming video lectures. Most lectures are pre-recorded, but you will also find live interactive classroom courses and lectures offered more and more often as time goes on.

Lecture Types offered:

  • Self-paced streaming video
  • Live streaming video classroom
  • Streaming audio
  • Live replays - of onsite classes, conferences, bootcamps and more

Course Lengths:

  • Micro-Courses - Single sitting lecture(s) - One or more 1 to 2hr lectures designed to be completed in single sitting
  • Mini-Courses - Single day course - One or more lectures designed to be completed in a single day
  • Complete Courses - Multi-day/multi-chapter courses ~8hrs or more of lectures designed to be completed in multiple days or weeks

Courses may include

  • Lectures
  • Quizzes
  • Practice Assignments
  • Downloadable resources such as Source Code and Exercise Projects
  • Bonus items such as downloadable eBooks
  • Note: Instructor determine the specific contents for each course, some courses include all items and some only lectures only. Check a course's information page to see what a course includes.

Certification Exams

Embacadero Academy will offer various Certification Exams and prep courses. The first certification offered is the newly updated (Sept 2017) Delphi Certified Developer exam.

Certification Exams include:

  • One use Exam start code
  • Sharable certificate of completion with passing grade
  • Discounted re-takes and re-certifications
  • Group/Team Exam discounts
  • 2yrs skill certification

Free Courses, Promotions and Discounts

We will post free bootcamp and conference replays. Also Instructors may sometimes choose to offer discount coupons for their courses. If offered by an instructor you can get their coupon code directly from the instructor via their blogs, social media, or their websites and from time to time deals will also be posted here on our Deals page here at the Embarcadero Academy.

How long do I have access to a course?

When purchasing a one-time payment course, your course access never expires. Course subscriptions enable access for the duration of the subscription term (eg. one year or one month). Certification exams are one time use, so you may take the test once, however discounted re-takes are available.

Can I become an Instructor?

Sure! If you are a subject matter expert, a trainer, an MVP, an Embarcadero Partner and wish to build and offer lectures or courses on the Embarcadero Academy, please inquire here or send email to [email protected]