Master Modern Delphi Language Techniques

Complete course covering Interfaces, Generics, RTTI and Anonymous Methods (orig $155, Save 45%!)

New! Master Modern Delphi Language Techniques is a complete course by Marco Cantu that includes 5 individual Micro and Mini courses, with over 8hrs of lectures covering

  • Interfaces in Delphi (Intro and Advanced)
  • Delphi Generics
  • Anonymous Methods
  • and NEW! Reflection and Modern RTTI in Delphi

The bundle includes :

Anonymous Methods in Delphi is a new single day self-guided class offering complete coverage of anonymous methods in the Delphi language, starting with an analysis of the syntax, compared to other types of function and methods references, and continuing the concept of "capturing the execution context". The core of the course, however, is focused on practical usage cases, mostly focusing on multi-threading and the parallel programming library.

- Expected time to complete this class is 4-6hrs (contains 4hrs of video lecture)

- Your access to this course does not expire, you may take as long as you like or need to complete the mini-course and you may replay the course lectures as many times as you like.

This is the detailed list of the topics covered:

  • Introduction to the Anonymous Methods syntax
  • How Anonymous Methods capture the execution context
  • Using Anonymous Methods when working with threads and threads synchronization
  • Using Anonymous Methods to sort generic collections
  • Parallel Programming Library: Parallel For loops
  • Parallel Programming Library: Tasks
  • Parallel Programming Library: Futures
  • Parallel Programming Library: Creating many tasks

At the end of the course you should have a good understanding of anonymous methods and their role in many common Delphi coding scenarios.

Introduction to Interfaces in Delphi focuses on the foundations of interfaces in Delphi and includes:

  • Introduction on the role of interfaces
  • Declaring and using interfaces
  • Interfaces and reference counting memory management
  • Using weak and unsafe references
Expected time to complete Intro Mini-Course is 50 minutes

Advanced Interfaces in Delphi goes beyond the basics of interfaces in the Delphi language (covered in the class "Intro to Interfaces in Delphi") and delves into more complex features and some real world examples. The topics included are:

  • Interface Properties
  • Interface Delegation
  • Method Aliases
  • Extracting Objects from Interface References
  • Implementing an Adapter Pattern with Interfaces

Expected time to complete Advanced Mini-Course is 1hr

Introduction to Generics offers an in-depth introduction to the key concepts around generics in the Delphi language, covering the basics but also delving into the type safety mechanism in details, the use of collections, generics methods, generic constraints and other fairly advanced topics.

Class length: Approx 2hrs

Class Content:

  • What Is A Generic Class?
  • Introducing Generic Classes
  • Type Rules for Generics
  • Generics Collections
  • Using Generic Collections
  • Generic Methods for Standard Classes
  • Class Constructors for Generic Classes
  • Generics Constraints

NEW! Reflection and Modern RTTI in Delphi. The focus of this class is on modern RTTI available in Delphi since version 2010. The course covers all of the aspects of this technology, which largely enhances on the original RTTI mechanism of Delphi.

Class length: 1hr 10min Lecture

The class includes:

  • Introducing the dynamic data access with the modern RTTI
  • The use of the RTTI units and the various classes it defines
  • The compiler directives you can use to control the generated RTTI and the linker behavior
  • The Rtti Context and its data caching model
  • The TValue structure and how it supports type safety in a dynamic invocation system
  • The use of custom attributes to decorate the type information with additional data
  • And finally some real world use cases of RTTI and attributes

The Object Pascal Handbook is the complete guide to the programming language of Delphi. The book covers Object Pascal from the foundations to the latest extensions and the author, Marco Cantu, is a well known Delphi guru, the author of dozens of Delphi books, and the current product manager for the programming tool at Embarcadero Technologies.

563 pages. Academy web viewer and PDF download. Includes Demo Sources for all Chapters

Chapters List

This is the list of the book chapters:

  • Part I
  • Chapter 1: Coding in Pascal
  • Chapter 2: Variables and Data Types
  • Chapter 3: Language Statements
  • Chapter 4: Procedures and Functions
  • Chapter 5: Arrays and Records
  • Chapter 6: All About Strings
  • Part II
  • Chapter 7: Objects
  • Chapter 8: Inheritance
  • Chapter 9: Handling Exceptions
  • Chapter 10: Properties and Events
  • Chapter 11: Interfaces
  • Chapter 12: Manipulating Classes
  • Chapter 13: Objects and Memory
  • Part III
  • Chapter 14: Generics
  • Chapter 15: Anonymous Methods
  • Chapter 16: Reflection and Attributes
  • Chapter 17: The Object Class
  • Chapter 18: RunTime Library

Your Instructor

Marco Cantu
Marco Cantu

Marco is a well known Delphi expert and the best-selling author of over 20 books on the product. Has has been using Delphi since the early days of the product, spoken to hundreds of conferences in 4 continents, given countless training classes on the language, VCL, Windows, server side and mobile development.

A few years back he joined Embarcadero technologies as Delphi product manager, but he has continues giving training sessions, webinars, and conference classes, and writing books.

His most recent book is the "Object Pascal Handbook", focused on the Delphi language. Marco lives in Piacenza, Italy, with his family, and travels often around the world.

Courses Included with Purchase

Reflection and Modern RTTI in Delphi
A course covering the modern RTTI, the RTTI unit, TValue record, and custom attributes
Marco Cantu
Anonymous Methods in Delphi
The complete class on anonymous methods and their practical applications in Delphi (20% off CodeRage Special)
Marco Cantu
Introduction to Generics
Learn the power of generics in the Delphi language, getting a deep introduction to the key concepts of this powerful language constructs.
Marco Cantu
Intro to Interfaces in Delphi
The Foundations of Interfaces in the Delphi language
Marco Cantu
Advanced Interfaces in Delphi
Go beyond the basics and learn about the full power of interfaces in the Delphi language
Marco Cantu
Object Pascal Handbook by Marco Cantu
The complete guide to the programming language of Delphi
Marco Cantu

Original Price: $144

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