1.0: Course Schedule

Each Monday a new weekly topic section of self-guided lectures will become live in the course. You can register for each week's live "Putting it all together" session now by clicking on the live lecture and registering for that live session. If you can't make a live session, don't worry it's ok you. We'll post the replay of the session in place of the webinar registration after the session is over so you can view when you're able.

Introduction & Prerequisites (Week of Sept 18th)

In the initial first week's lectures we'll help you get your your Delphi/RADStudio development environment prepared for developing your first Android application. There won't be any programming in the first week. In this first week we'll be installing and configuring Delphi and preparing your developer workstation for working with Android.

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Setup IDE
  • Setup for Android
  • Overview of Android
  • Intro to IDE & Resources

Your First Android App (Week of Sept 25th)

  • Laying out your UI
  • Rapid Testing
  • Multi-Device Preview
  • Deploying to Android
  • Debugging on Android
  • Putting it all Together (Live!) - with Jim McKeeth, Thur Sept 28th AM PST

Building The Todo List App with a Local Database (Week of Oct 2nd)

  • SQLite Overview
  • SQLite vs. IBLite
  • Working with FireDAC
  • Deploying External files
  • Using Visual Live Bindings
  • Basic User Interface
  • Putting it All Together (Live!) - with Craig Chapman, Thur Oct 5th AM PST

Working with Camera, Images and Sharing (Week of Oct 9th)

  • Accessing local hardware and sensors
  • The TCamera Component
  • Applying Effects
  • Saving and Sharing Images
  • Putting it all together (Live!) - with Jim McKeeth, Thur Oct 12th AM PST

Using Mobile Push Notifications (Week of Oct 16th)

  • Overview of Push Notifications
  • Sending and Responding to PUSH notifications using FireBase
  • Configuring your project for Google Play services.
  • Putting it all together (Live!) - with Craig Chapman, Thur Oct 19th AM PST

Building a Music Information REST Client (Week of Oct23rd)

  • REST Overview
  • Using the REST Debugger
  • The REST Client Components
  • Using Visual Live Bindings
  • Putting it All Together (Live!) - with Jim McKeeth, Thur Oct 26th AM PST

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