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  Knowing the RTL can Save You LOTS of Coding by Alister Christie

The Delphi Run Time Library gets enhanced with all sorts of goodness for each Delphi release, but often these improvements hide behind much flashier features. We will take a look at some old and new RTL features that can save you time and make your code easier to understand.


  • Alister Christie, Embarcadero MVP,
  • I have been programming in Delphi since 1999, primarily building and maintaining applications for the real estate, banking and legal industries here in New Zealand, in these roles I have also used other technologies such a C#, Ruby on Rails, Android/Java, but Delphi is my favorite environment. I have presented at numerous online CodeRage conferences, these conferences last for an entire week with thousands of participants (the replays for all of my presentations are available on this site), and I was an international guest speaker at ADUG in 2013. Most of my videos also appear on YouTube, for which I have over 1.4 million views, and over six thousand subscribers.
  • In 2012 Embarcadero invited me to join a select group of Delphi experts from around the world to form the Embarcadero MVP program for which I'm the only one from New Zealand.
  • I also play guitar, invest in real estate, regularly work out at the gym, and of course maintain the website.