Enhancing FireDAC's Power and Capabilities by Adding and Customizing Script Commands by Miguel Moreno

FireDAC is the main data access engine included in Delphi and C++Builder, and one of its main features is its built-in scripting capability, which can be executed against any of the supported database engines. However, there are cases where you need additional custom scripting capabilities or you simply want to modify the way some of the built-in script commands work. Here we show how to add new custom script commands, modify the behaviour of the built-in ones, and even disable them at will.


  • Miguel Angel Moreno, Embarcadero MVP
  • DelphiGuru
  • I am an Electrical Engineer and Software Developer with more than 30 year of experience.
  • Independent Systems Integrator and Consultant for multinational companies in several industries.
  • Key programming languages: Object Pascal, Assembler, C++, SQL.

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