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  From Zero to App in 45 Minutes by Olaf Monien

In this session I will show how to create a REST-driven iOS app, that pulls recipes from an external API, filters them, stores them locally, and displays them in a FireMonkey UI. At the end, we will upload the App to Apple's Testflight system and provide a public link for beta testers.

The App is already downloadable from the AppStore


  • Olaf Monien, Embarcadero MVP, Embarcadero Technology Partner, CEO, Developer Experts
  • Olaf Monien has been working as an IT consultant for international companies for many years. His areas of special interest are software architecture, database design, Internet applications, and mobile devices.
  • Olaf is the CEO of Developer Experts, LLC, a US-based company, Olaf is also the owner of Unternehmensberatung Monien, a Germany based company. Both companies are focussing on consulting and training in the area of Delphi software development. Developer Experts is an Embarcadero Technology Partner.
  • Olaf Monien is an Embarcadero Technologies MVP and maintains a strong relationship with Embarcadero's development team. Olaf received a Master of Computer Science degree and has more than 25 years of software development experience.