Adding Rich Text Editing to Your Web Apps with Froala by Sandeep Adwankar

Froala provides a drop-in WYSIWYG rich text editor with a simple but powerful user interface for developing and editing web content easier and faster. With Froala you can add improved text editing capabilities to your web applications. In this session, you will learn capabilities of Froala, and how to integrate Froala with Sencha Ext JS applications.


  • Sandeep Adwankar, Sr. Product Manager, Sencha
  • Sandeep is a Sr. Product Manager at Sencha and is passionate about innovations in mobile and web technologies.
  • He has experience working for startups in Silicon Valley as well as large companies including Motorola and Time Warner Cable.
  • He has an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago and a Masters in Technology from IIT Bombay.

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