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  Flux Application Architecture in Delphi by Daniele Spinetti

Flux, developed by Facebook, is a pattern to structure client side applications. Flux is very simple to understand, because it is based on a unidirectional data flow. I found it to be a great way to structure code. In this session I'll show you how Flux works, how to implement Flux Architecture in Delphi for client side application, and difference with other patterns.


  • Daniele Spinetti, Embarcadero MVP, Software Engineer
  • Blog: Spinettaro's Blog
  • Daniele Spinetti is a software architect living in Rome.
  • Delphi/Object Pascal is his favorite tool/programming language, and he is a lead and active member of several projects in the open source community.
  • In his tutoring activities (conferences and training), he likes to talk about innovative topics in software architectures.
  • He's a huge fan of design patterns and TDD.